Release Notes

Version 3.2.2

May 13, 2020 5:45:00 AM / by Jamie Aquila

Continuing on full support of 3.2 release features:

  • Fun item in this release is the ability to add both Answers and Pre-set Additional Response when uploading a template. This will automatically answer assessment questions upon assigning of the template.
    • This adds the ability to complete a partially completed assessment.
    • This also adds the ability to upload previously answered inbound assessments in a single action.
  • You’ll see a lot more business information and logos via an integration with Clearbit.
  • Improvements to the look of the Third Party blocks in the relationship manager.
  • Very long Answer Choices are better supported
  • Noticeable speed improvements should be felt, and pagination limits will increase because of it.

New Features

  • [JP-2324] - The ability to accept 'answer' and 'additional response' on an inbound template. The ability to upload a partially complete assessment and finish on the platform. The ability to begin backlogging the data from old assessments.


  • [JP-1251] - Style updates to relationship cards for vendors, customers, and more.
  • [JP-1854] - Supporting really, really long answer choices
  • [JP-2263] - Now showing both created and last active in user lists
  • [JP-2293] - Made long text accompanying an Assessment Question fit better in the answer window, such as info or clarification
  • [JP-2298] - Add "Date Sent" to Outbound and Internal Assessments
  • [JP-2250] - Adding explainer text on User Group pages for first-time users
  • [JP-1814] - Implement cacheing site-wide, BIG speed increase.
  • [JP-1957] - Ensured 2-Factor Authentication isn't required when switching Business Units
  • [JP-2197] - Increased all default pagination to 25, have options for 25, 50, and 100 per page


  • [JP-1958] - Fixed an issue that causes the dashboard to be seen momentarily upon a session timeout
  • [JP-2150] - Investigate and fixed an issue where "Treatment" on the "Risk" section doesnt work
  • [JP-2262] - The ability to accept an invite while logged into another account
  • [JP-2380] - Investigate a possible issue where data behind Suggested Responses doesn’t populate from data uploaded via an externally completed assessment.



Jamie Aquila

Written by Jamie Aquila

Jamie is the Co-Founder and CTO of JustProtect.