Release Notes

Version 3.3

Aug 24, 2020 6:00:00 AM / by Jamie Aquila


Don’t sleep on major release version 3.3. Almost 4 weeks since our last update, 3.3 brings one of our more requested items to the platform: Global commenting.

Some might think global commenting is a small feature, but with the ability to comment both internally and externally, Global Commenting enhances collaboration directly on the platform while also pulling users back onto the platform. Have a question about that question? Business unit to Business unit? Our commenting platform will be a cornerstone of collaborating on the platform.

And so much more including:

  • Relationship descriptions, giving businesses the ability to describe the relationship and set a use-case.
  • Direct question URLs bring us the ability to jump to any given question in the assessments preview results pages.
  • Simple messaging added to ensure third party users are not added to your internal users.

And the biggest hidden feature release of them all: DASHBOARDS

New Features

  • [JP-1387] - Global Commenting System
    • [JP-1478] - The ability to comment internally and externally on an Assessment
    • [JP-2314] - The ability to comment publicly and privately on an Assessment Question
    • [JP-2628] - The ability to comment on a Task
    • [JP-2615] - The ability to comment on an Assessment Question
  • [JP-2397] - Business Unit Relationship Description
  • [JP-2471] - The ability to be warned if I attempt to add a user to my business unit with a domain that doesn't match
  • [JP-2514] - Display a message telling the user they are editing internal users
  • [JP-2621] - The ability for the sender to navigate the assessment
  • [JP-2629] - The ability to jump to an exact question via the Assessment Preview/Results page
  • [JP-2641] - The ability to add an attachment to a Business Unit Relationship
  • [JP-2652] - The ability to release an assessment from the Results/Preview page


  • [JP-2515] - Change the 'icon' on the managing internal users screen to the businesses logo
  • [JP-2617] - Improve performance improvement for tables when row hovered
  • [JP-2620] - Improve redirection upon authenticating
  • [JP-2637] - Improve the Inbound Assessments list to include the full Business Unit name and Icon
  • [JP-2653] - Enhance scroll view experience
  • [JP-2613] - Support Demo and Test Accounts


  • [JP-2604] - Eliminate all console errors on production
  • [JP-2631] - Fix an issue causing documents to show incorrect updated data and archive status
  • [JP-2632] - Handle exception on password reuse
  • [JP-2647] - Fix an issue causing a user's inability to login when attached to an archived Business Unit
  • [JP-2667] - Get Relationship API not secure

Tags: dashboards, comments

Jamie Aquila

Written by Jamie Aquila

Jamie is the Co-Founder and CTO of JustProtect.