Release Notes

Version 3.4

Dec 28, 2020 1:28:26 AM / by Jamie Aquila

scoringOur latest release comes with one of the most requested features to date: Assessment Scoring.

With the ability to set a positive or negative value per answer choice AND the ability to set target scores, JustProtect becomes a robust solution for measuring internal departments and third-parties at scale.

We've also added additional data validation such as support for dates, numbers, ranges, and even an "attachment only" answer type: great for evidence gathering.

v3.4 also comes with a number of improvements, such as a redesigned results page, speed improvements, and more.


Areas of Focus

New Abilities

  • [JP-1623] - The ability to set a score/value per Assessment Template Question Answer Choice
  • [JP-1948] - The ability to have an attachment-only response type
  • [JP-2342] - The ability to set a target score per Assessment Template Question
  • [JP-2343] - The ability to set a number or number range as an answer choice type
  • [JP-2344] - The ability to set a date as an answer choice type
  • [JP-2780] - The ability to Follow back: create a reciprocating relationship via the "Following Us" system
  • [JP-2840] - The ability to release an assessment in one click after the final question is answered.


  • [JP-2754] - Ensure the Assessment Question Template Categorization on the Assessment Question page represents the hierarchy of the assessment
  • [JP-2795] - Various UI Optimizations
  • [JP-2828] - Improve assessment template analyze process
  • [JP-2829] - Improve assessment questions answering process
  • [JP-2842] - Make it apparent that there are buttons on each row of the assessment lists
  • [JP-2843] - Use "Analyze" icon for Reports Parent menu, "Report File" for individual reports.
  • [JP-2844] - Show failed to load page when the requested page failed to load
  • [JP-2845] - Add unique page title for each page / route
  • [JP-2846] - Replace the commas with new lines in the CSV
  • [JP-2856] - Improve assessment assigning performance
  • [JP-2871] - Redesign assessment results page
  • [JP-2504] - Update DB and score column to the assessment template question answer choice
  • [JP-2505] - Add assessment question choices score column to the default assessment template file
  • [JP-2507] - Add target score column to the assessment template question table


  • [JP-2827] - Return a user friendly message when the user is not attached to business unit
  • [JP-2865] - Support duplicated question text when importing incomming assessment
  • [JP-2870] - In the onboarding flow, solve an issue where duplicate User Group Members caused an error


  • [JP-2304] - enhance assessment result API
  • [JP-2506] - Create / Update assessment question choice
  • [JP-2508] - Parse assessment template question target score from xlsx template
  • [JP-2509] - Implement update target score endpoint
  • [JP-2555] - Create / Update assessment question meta field
  • [JP-2556] - Delete assessment question metafield
  • [JP-2633] - Create / Update assessment template basic info
  • [JP-2634] - Create/Update assessment template question basic info
  • [JP-2635] - Update assessment template questions order
  • [JP-2642] - Update question choice order
  • [JP-2643] - Delete assessment template question
  • [JP-2644] - Delete assessment template question choice
  • [JP-2778] - Return list of controls by list of ids
  • [JP-2805] - Modify analyze template to parse the assessment template question answer choices scores
  • [JP-2832] - Support analyze Error action type
  • [JP-2839] - refactor old code to make one source for userProfiles in response
  • [JP-2857] - Support question status field
Jamie Aquila

Written by Jamie Aquila

Jamie is the Co-Founder and CTO of JustProtect.