Release Notes

Version 3.4.1

Mar 21, 2021 12:00:00 PM / by Jamie Aquila

assessment_distributeDespite having a minor release number associated with it, version 3.4.1 looks, acts, and feels like a major release, so we're treating it as such.

Here's why.

Led by an all-new Assessment creation experience, users are now white-gloved by the application while assigning new assessments both internally and externally. This wasn't just a simple UI upgrade; it introduced multiple new layers to the experience.

Accompanied by the ability to list a product or service under each Business Unit, you can now set a detailed scope for each assessment you send out. You now have a robust solution to set a boundary of an assessment to a specific object.

Business Units also benefited from this release with the addition of dynamic metadata. This gives all users the ability to create custom tagging, labeling, and categorizations for their third parties. 

The release focused on these core features:

  • Assessment Scoping
  • Products & Services
  • Assessment Creation
  • Global Labeling including third-parties

Full release notes are as follows:

New Abilities

  • [JP-1255] - The ability to add a Label to a 3rd Party
  • [JP-1760] - The ability to create a new Product or Service
  • [JP-1761] - The ability to edit a Business Unit Object
  • [JP-1882] - The ability to set the scope of an assessment as one or more Business Unit Relationships
  • [JP-1941] - The ability set a Business Unit Object as the Assessment Scope
  • [JP-1949] - The ability to support dynamic meta attributes to a Business Unit Object
  • [JP-2189] - The ability to control Business Unit Relationship Meta options on the fly
  • [JP-2281] - The ability to start an assessment without assigning all questions
  • [JP-2826] - The ability for a Super Admin to manage Information Modals
  • [JP-2862] - The ability to set the scope of an assessment as one or more Users
  • [JP-2864] - The ability to assess a new business unit without having to create a new assessment group
  • [JP-2885] - The ability to mix scope types
  • [JP-2890] - The ability to cancel fix template by superadmin
  • [JP-2891] - The ability to see business unit id, name on fix template by super admin
  • [JP-2894] - The ability for an Assessment distributer to hide the scoring from the receiver
  • [JP-2931] - Accept .doc, .docx, and .pdf files to "request conversion" flows
  • [JP-2934] - The ability to activate the deactivate a Tour
  • [JP-2975] - The ability to support assessment option upon assessment creation
  • [JP-2983] - The ability to search and filter Business Unit Objects
  • [JP-3029] - The ability to set the scope of an assessment as one or more Risks


  • [JP-2889] - Allow attachments preview for specific question on assessment result screen
  • [JP-2926] - Categorization Order Methodology
  • [JP-2936] - Append dynamic query string for default assessment template download URL to guarantee downloading the latest uploaded template
  • [JP-2952] - Update rainforest test 'The ability to release an Outbound Assessment'
  • [JP-2957] - Hide Target Score if there is no Target Score
  • [JP-3003] - Score should not appear if unanswered.
  • [JP-3024] - Hide Keyboard Shortcut numbers greater than 9


  • [JP-2841] - Check to see if a user is automatically added to a sub-unit upon creating. Create Rainforest test to ensure it stays working.
  • [JP-3046] - Fix an issue preventing a user on a 3+ level hierarchy to assess Business Units underneath a sub-unit

Task & Tests

  • [JP-3002] - The ability for a business unit to have 100 concurrent 300 question assessments outbound.


  • [JP-1834] - Get BU relationship meta
  • [JP-1835] - Update BU relationship meta
  • [JP-2947] - Move relationship description to business unit relationship table
  • [JP-2948] - Update business unit relationship type and description endpoint
  • [JP-2960] - Implement delete business unit object
  • [JP-2961] - Get business unit object metadata by business unit object id
  • [JP-2965] - Implement get business unit object list
  • [JP-2985] - Support users list search and filter
  • [JP-2986] - Support business unit objects search and filter
  • [JP-2988] - Support relationships/ business unit list search and filter
Jamie Aquila

Written by Jamie Aquila

Jamie is the Co-Founder and CTO of JustProtect.