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Version 3.5

Aug 25, 2021 9:15:00 AM / by Jamie Aquila

We're excited to share our newest features and updates to our platform! We have listened to our customers and gained great feedback to implement these product features. A few of the main features we want to point out are designed to improve workflows and ultimately keep every user informed of what's happening, in real time.  

  • All new socket-based backend for better performance and platform for new real-time features
  • All new invitee flow, down to a single, gorgeously designed popup
  • All new notification system that supports Web-based Push notifications, Slack/Webhook notifications, and more
  • All new Assessment List View (with future support for Kanban view)
  • All new Menu system, breadcrumbs, and navigation URLs
  • All new Login experience

New Features & Abilities

  • JP-3322 The ability for a new, inexperienced vendor to begin answering questions in a minimum amount of clicks
  • JP-3145 The ability to receive an in-browser notification for all JustProtect notifications
  • JP-1872 The ability to receive notifications by Web Push
  • JP-1874 The ability to mark a notification as read
  • JP-3431 The ability to support additional user roles
  • JP-3394 The ability to see a breadcrumb trail of pages throughout the application
  • JP-3365 The ability to accept and reject an invitation
  • JP-3324 The ability to group assessments
  • JP-3200 The ability to set a webhook when an Assessment changed Status
  • JP-3199 The ability to receive a Slack Notification when an Assessment changes its status
  • JP-3198 The ability to receive a Slack notification when an Assessment I'm a part of receives a comment I can access
  • JP-3089 The ability to receive an on-site notification when a comment is added to any Task I have access to
  • JP-3088 The ability to receive an on-site notification when a comment is added to any Assessment I have access to


  • JP-3430 Redesign side menu and user profile
  • JP-3396 Send reset password ticket upon for newly invited user
  • JP-3390 Improve get badges endpoint
  • JP-3388 Improve network requests cancellation
  • JP-3331 Prevent Test and Demo accounts from adding a Standard account as a third party.
  • JP-3286 Support Pipes in the Template
  • JP-3261 Interact with the Assessment lists like a Mailbox


Jamie Aquila

Written by Jamie Aquila

Jamie is the Co-Founder and CTO of JustProtect.